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AEC Regal III and Leyland TS7
Burlingham bus body, 1948

BURL1-3 AEC Regal III, Leyland TS7 / Burlingham bus body, 1948

The origins of the famous Blackpool coach building firm of H.V. Burlingham date back to 1928. Always keen to support local industry, Blackpool Corporation, who themselves were starting to build up a fleet of motor omnibuses, decided to give Burlingham a chance to supply bodywork, and placed an order for two 33-seat centre-entrance single deck bus bodies, mounted on Leyland Lion PLSC3 chassis'. Although no further orders were forthcoming for a few years, the quality of the vehicles were such that Burlingham eventually became the main supplier to the Corporation; a loyalty which continued for over half a century. A major step forward came in 1932 when the first double deck bus bodies were built. Further coach designs appeared through the thirties and customers Ribble, SMT, Scout, Southdown, United Counties, Yelloway and Fishwick, were among the larger operators while the smaller coach operators were numerous.
Production ceased in 1940, when supply of the chassis' dried up, so the company turned to war work. The next luxury coach was completed in 1946, which was similar to the pre-war designs but, by 1947, a new single deck bus was produced for stage carriage work. Looking something like the Willowbrook, the body had a straight waist rail, vertical pillars and sliding window ventilators. The front-entrance version, with a porch and the emergency exit on the offside, behind the drivers cab, was the most popular.

For the kit, the 1948 version has been selected and is available on two chassis' with two styles of destination box:

  • BURL1H: Leyland Tiger TS7 with High destination box
  • BURL1L: as above, with Low destination box.
  • BURL3H: AEC Regal III with High destination box
  • BURL3L: as above, with Low destination box
BURL1-3 AEC Regal III, Leyland TS7 / Burlingham bus body, 1948 BURL1-3 AEC Regal III, Leyland TS7 / Burlingham bus body, 1948
The photographs here show a BURL3H in Pennine livery. See BURL1H, BURL1L and BURL3L pages for the alternative models.


Master for the model designed and built by Neil Mortson for the Little Bus Company.

BURL1-3 AEC Regal III, Leyland TS7 / Burlingham bus body, 1948

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