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Bristol / ECW Lodekka LD Mk.I
After six pre-production buses built in 1953, production of the Bristol Lodekka LD commenced in 1954 and continued until the end of 1959 (mid 1961 in Scotland) when it was replaced by the flat floor F series Lodekka.

The version modelled in this kit has the Mark 1 Eastern Coach Works body, of which about 800 were built before being superseded by the Mark 2 body in July 1956. The Mark 1 body is characterized by flat valances over the driver's cab and near side canopy, double curve to the driver's off-side windows and a curved lower deck ceiling. These buses were produced in both open and closed platform bus versions, together with a number of coach versions.

LD 1

The kit is supplied with both the long radiator cowl used until mid 1955 and the later short radiator cowl. The open platform kit has the 27 seat lower deck with longitudinal seats for three over the rear wheel arches. The closed platform kit will follow and will feature the 25 seat lower deck with longitudinal seats for two and a luggage rack over the top of the wheel arch. Modellers, who have bought more than one kit of both types, can therefore interchange the lower deck between the two kits to suit their taste. (Sorry but for production reasons Little Bus Company cannot exchange the chassis provided with the kits)

Notes on Open Platform Lodekkas.

Pre Production - 6 buses - 1953 - 25 seat lower deck.

These had a flatter long radiator cowl with coarse slatted grille, different driver's cab window arrangement, a single window rear platform wall and a slimmer rear platform. A bit of "kit bashing" is required here.

Bristol L8133 PHW 858
Crosville ML 661 RFM 406
Hants & Dorset 1337 LRU 67
United Counties 980 JBD 955
West Yorkshire DX 2 MWR 618
Western National 1863 OTT 2

Early production - buses built until about June 1954 - 25 seat lower deck.

Early production Lodekkas had the long radiator grille and driver's cab windows as supplied with the kit, but had the single window rear platform wall and slimmer rear platform. I have deduced the changeover date as the end of June 1954 from Crosville records, but this may not be correct for other operators. Slightly less "kit bashing".

Crosville ML662-674 RFM 407-419
Hants & Dorset 1337-1339 LRU 67-69
Eastern National 4208-4210 XVX 19-21
4227-4228 XVX 26-27
Southern National 1873-1875 OTT 46-47
Southern Vectis 500-520 JDLs & KDLs
United Counties 951-953 JBD 956-958
United Welsh 1244-1246 JCY 991-993
Western National 1864-1870 OTT 3-9
Wilts & Dorset 600-605 KMRs & KMWs

Later production - 25 seat lower deck - England until mid 1955 and all Bristol and MGO Groups.

Body and rear platform as the kit but with 25 seat lower deck. Radiator type varied. Use the closed platform chassis.

Bath Services 8242-47 long THW 732-737
8263/8264 short UHY 405-406
Bristol LC8271-77 both UHY 398-404
Cheltenham Dist L89 long THW 731
Crosville ML683-718 long RFM 428-463
ML719 -721 long SFM 8-10
Eastern National 1436-1443 long YVX 22-31 series
1444-1453 long 205-214 BPU
1454-1457 long 882-886 CEV
Hants & Dorset 1347-1351 long NEL 23-27
Mansfield District 500-504 long RAL 975-978
United Auto BL1-4 long WHN 701-704
United Welsh 1247-1258 long JCY 994-
Western National 1871-1872 long OTT 10-11
Wilts & Dorset 606-609 long LHRs & LMRs
610-613 long LMW series

Scottish buses and England from mid 1955 (except Bristol and MGO Groups) - 27 seat lower deck.

Kit as supplied - radiator type varied.

Crosville ML 742-57 Long VFM 607-622
Durham District DO 177-81 Both 177-181 AHN
Eastern Counties LKD183/184 Sht UNG 183-184
Eastern National 1458-1463 Long 561-566 CTW
1464-1474 Both 968-978 DHK
1475-1479 Both 501-505 EEV
1480-1484 Both 32-36 ENO
1486-88 Short 434-436 FEV
1491-94 Short 322-325 GPU
Lincolnshire 2324-2335 Both NBE 127-138
Southern Vectis 521-540 Both LDL 720-7397
541-545 Short MDL 951-955
541-545 converted to open top in early '70s
Thames Valley 755-759 Short MBL 836-40
United Auto BL 5 Short WHN 705
United (CBC) BL 6 Short 106 BHN-
United Counties 978-982 Both LNV 506-510
Wilts & Dorset 614-616 Both MMW 411-13
Alexander RD1-5 Short GWG 977-81
Lawson RD16-23 Short GWG 992-99
RD 24-25 Short HMS 9-10
Central SMT B1-B19 Long GM7001-19
B26-50 Short GM 7026-50
Scottish AA1-15 Short NSG 778-792
Western SMT B1151-70 Long GCS 237-256
B1227-41 Shrt HSD 15-29

Radiators - in the above lists, buses are indicated as having long or short radiators, as built. Where "both" is shown, I believe that the batch was built with a mix of long and short radiators. The short radiator was introduced, seemingly at random, on buses built under Bristol Sanction 108 from July through to December 1955. Modellers are earnestly requested to check photographic evidence of the bus, which they wish to model, as the style of radiator cowl changed over time. The short cowl supplied with the kit has "whiskers" either side of the water filler.

Front Mudguards - the kit has the front mudguards extending almost to the depth of the radiator cowl. For cooling reasons, these were shortened early in the career of the LD Lodekkas, from about 1956 onwards. Check with photos.

Trafficators - LD Lodekkas were not built with trafficators. These were added later and the position varied according to operator. Check with photos.

Destination Screen - the kit has been made with beading either side of the "T" and other narrow screens. This needs removing if you want a full Tilling screen and on some Scottish buses further surgery is required. Check with photos.

Pair of Bristol LDs - Kit LD1

The kit comprises

  • 1. Resin Body shell
  • 2. Resin chassis and seating unit
  • 3. Resin upper deck seating unit
  • 4. Choice of resin front grille (2)
  • 5. Metal base plate
  • 6. Steering wheel & column
  • 7. Platform pole
  • 8. Profile wheel set includes 6 wheels 2 axles
  • 9. Printed glazing

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