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London Transport AEC Renown
(rebuilt by Marshall)
LTL1/1/3 Class 'Scooter'
LTL3 London Transport AEC Renown (rebuilt by Marshall)

A single deck version of the LT was introduced by the LGOC in 1931, and a total of 199 were built. They replaced the single deck K and S types and the London Public Dennis vehicles. Two more similar buses were built in 1932 for the London General Country Services. The chassis' were the long wheelbase AEC Renown allowing the bodies to be built to the maximum permitted length of 30ft. Mechanically, they were similar to the double deck LTs, but with a smaller 6.1 litre AEC petrol engine as used in the ST class.

LTL3 London Transport AEC Renown (rebuilt by Marshall)

The last 76 and the two LGCS buses had rear roof destination boxes and the others carried a board at the bottom of the window in the rear emergency door. They had 35 seats with eleven forward-facing doubles and two longitudinal seats over the double rear wheelarches.

Eleven of the class were destroyed by enemy action in the Second World War but, otherwise, they remained intact until the arrival of the Mann Egerton TDs, in 1948, when some were withdrawn.

LTL3 London Transport AEC Renown (rebuilt by Marshall)

Many were rebuilt by Marshalls of Cambridge, to enable them to remain in service until they could be replaced in the early-1950s, by RFs. These could be distinguished from the others by the lack of deep side mouldings and by carrying the post-war all-over red livery.

Fleet Nos. were:

  • LT1001-1124 (GHXXXX, GOXXXX, GNXXXX) with no rear destination boxes.
  • LT1125-1201 (GPXXXX, GTXXXX) with rear destination boxes.
  • LT1427/8 (GX5337/8) LGCS.

LTL3 London Transport AEC Renown (rebuilt by Marshall)

Reference Source: London Bus File 1933-39 and 1946-9 by Ken Glazier, published by Capital Transport. This publication is recommended for further details.

The class acquired the nickname 'Scooter' and two kits have been produced to represent both the original body and this Marshall rebuild.

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