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Park Royal bodied AEC Regent Vs for East Kent Road Car from 1961 with a body incorporating Bridgemaster front and rear domes. This has been issued by LBC as Kit PRV30. A revised body style was introduced in 1964, which had Renown style domes and a less top-heavy appearance. This body style was used for small numbers of Regent Vs delivered to Sheffield Joint Omnibus Committee, South Wales Transport and Devon General in 1964-1965.

The kit is based on the six buses delivered in 1965 to the Devon General Omnibus and Touring Co. Ltd. of Torquay as fleet numbers 509-514, registration CTT 509 C to CTT 514 C. Photographs of these buses can be found in "Devon General" by Leslie Folkard and Philip Platt (Roundoak 1994), in "Park Royal Vehicles Ltd, Part 2, 1942-1980" by Alan Townsin (TPC 1980) and in "Bus Operators South-West and Southern England" by Gavin Booth (Ian Allan 2006). Photographs indicate that only the Devon General buses had the thick reinforcing rib on the front dome. Devon General also used "London Transport" style rear wheel discs.


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The five South Wales Transport buses (596-600, 429-433 HCY) differed from the Devon General buses in a number of details, including flat panelling of the rear wheel arches and absence of the reinforcing rib on the front dome. These were 71 seaters. There is a photograph of No 600, 433 HCY, in "South Wales Transport" by Alan Townsin and Chris Taylor (TPC 1989).

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The eleven Sheffield JOC buses B1366/B1667 366/367 EWE, B1368-77 368-377 HWE and C1150/C1151, 350/351 HWE had shallower skirts, similar to the East Kent kit PRV 30, a large triangular window in the offside panel next to the staircase and prominent ventilators on the roof side panels. A selection of photographs can be found in "Super Prestige, Sheffield" by Philip Battersby (Venture 2002), while the cover of Classic Bus 60 (Aug-Sep 2002) has a superb colour image of B Fleet 1368, 368 HWE.

The two buses delivered to the Railway owned SJOC C fleet (C1150/C1151) led a nomadic existence after the formation of the National Bus Company and the disbandment of the SJOC. They passed first to Hebble in 1970 as 317/318, later becoming 622/623. In 1971, after Hebble ceased to operate as a stage carriage company, they were transferred to Yorkshire Woollen as 144/145, later becoming 531/532. They were withdrawn in 1973 and passed via North’s to Kowloon Motor Bus, where they became 2A25/26 registered BG 657/658. KMB re-engined them with Gardner 6LX engines, necessitating a longer bonnet, and also replaced most of the windows with a sliding type – quite a substantial conversion of the basic kit.


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Councillor Stanley King’s history of "Bradford Corporation Motorbuses" (Venture 1995) has a photograph of 350 HWE as Hebble 622, while their afterlife in Kowloon is well documented in "Hong Kong Buses, Vol 2, Kowloon Motor Bus" by Mike Davis (DTS 1995).

Happy Modelling! Tony Swift, Kirribilli NSW, Australia, August 2006.


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