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Albion Nimbus - Weymann body

Albion Motors Ltd was purchased by Leyland Motors Ltd in 1951, but for many years afterwards it was still allowed to function independently and to develop new ideas. One of these was the “Nimbus”, which first appeared in November 1955. This was a lightweight under­floor engined single-decker, shorter and smaller than all the horizontal types already on the market. It had a straight frame, orthodox leaf springing, and the front axle set well back so as to leave plenty of room for an entrance in front of it. The Nimbus, known as the “MR9” or “MR9N” type, could seat 31 people in an overall length of only 23 Ft. 3 in., with a wheelbase of 11 ft. 10 in., and width of 8 ft. The engine was a new four-cylinder 3.8 g-litre overhead-valve horizontal unit, designed by Albion but incorporating many features of the Leyland 0.350 engine, and mounted amidships.

In September 1958 the MR9 was replaced by a “NS3N” Nimbus. The length, wheelbase and basic frame remained the same, but a larger 4.1-litre engine was used, again designed by Albion and based on the Leyland 0.350. The width was reduced to 7 ft. 6 in. In September 1960 the NS3N was replaced by an “NS 3AN”, which was the same except for its gearbox. A dropped instead of straight frame extension behind the rear springs was also now available as an optional extra. This Nimbus remained on the market until 1965.

Nimbus production amounted to 124 MR9 and 217 NS3. The largest user was Western Welsh with Harrington bodies who kept them to deeply rural routes

Although operators using the Nimbus on intensive one-man-operated routes found it troublesome, on the lightly trafficked rural routes for which it was designed it could put in a long life. Harvey of Mousehole, Cornwall operated an ex-Halifax bus from 1966–86, other rural operators who got good value out of second-hand Nimbuses were Wiles of Port Seton in East Lothian, Scotland, and Booth and Fisher who operated on the borderlands of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. 

In 1963 Halifax JOC ordered 10  Albion Nimbus chassis bodied by Weymann for ‘feeder’ services which were never introduced.

 250-259    RJX 250-259   B31F 

These had quite eventful lives as the new General Manager who had taken over after they had been ordered sought to find buyers or other ways to find suitable uses for them as they proved unsuitable for the West Yorkshire terrain. In their short Halifax careers they were particularly associated with the Heptonstall route. All had been disposed of by early 1967. 

250 and 251 were repainted into ‘coach’ livery with cream lower panels. The seats were fitted with head rests. However they were sold in 1966 to Harveys, Mousehole and Booth & Fisher, Halfway respectively. 251 passed to SYPTE with the fleet number 1059 by which time the tall destination box had been cut down. 

258 had been sold in 1965 to Warrington Corporation as their fleet number 95. In 1967 it passed to Ramsbottom UDC as their fleet number 12 and survived to become GMPTE 6082. 

254/7/9 passed to Wiles, Port Seton in Scotland. 

253/6 passed to Baddeley Bros, Holmfirth as fleet numbers 87/8 and were in a withdrawn condition when passing to WYPTE. 

252 passed to Silver Service, Darley Dale. 

254 passed to the Halifax Corporation Welfare Department and had a wheelchair lift fitted in the nearside.

252-7 had been renumbered 352-7 shortly before sale.


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