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AEC Reliance BET Standard bus 1965

The BET standard body design for single deck buses which had been introduced in 1959 was updated in 1964 to incorporate wrap round windscreens at front and rear. Production (mainly although not exclusively for BET companies) continued until 1967 and there were a few further deliveries made to independent operators in 1968 and 1969. Marshall, Park Royal & Willowbrook all produced bodies to this design on AEC Reliance, Leyland Tiger Cub, and Leyland Leopard chassis. 

Most of the vehicles were produced with single headlights but there were many variations in the positioning and style of grilles, and the provision of opening windows.  

The etched fret provided with the kit covers virtually all grille variations. To represent a particular vehicle some window vents may need to be carefully removed. Seating capacities also varied but the kit offers flexibility to produce most options. 

Reference to photographs is essential in representing a particular vehicle noting that companies changed their specifications between batches! 

Companies receiving these vehicles were; 

AA Motor Services,Ayr            DT1/5              BSD 362-3C                                  Reliance/Marshall B45F
        City of Oxford                           791-6              791-6 TJO                                      Reliance/Willowbrook  B44F
   County Motors,Lepton            113                 KCX 263E                                       Tiger Cub/Marshall DP45F
       Devon General                        13-17              13-17 RDV                                    Reliance/Willowbrook B41F
                                                     18-23              CTT 18-23C                                   Reliance/Park Royal B41F
     Hebble                                      131-134          BJX 131-4C                                   Reliance/Park Royal DP39F
 Irvine,Salsburgh                                             HVA865-8D                                  Reliance/Marshall B45F
 Rhondda                                  300-15            HAG 300-3D/RTG 304-15F         Tiger Cub/Marshall B45F
                                                       316-8              RTG 316-8F                                  Tiger Cub/Marshall DP41F
                                                            386-391          386-91 WTG                                 Tiger Cub/Willowbrook B45F
                                                              392-394          392-94 WTG                                 Tiger Cub/Willowbrook DP41F
         Todmorden                               4/9                 NWW 88-9E                                 Leopard/Willowbrook DP43F
                                                           1/10              NWW 90-1E                                  Leopard/Willowbrook B45F
   Western Welsh                        201-215         KKG201-215E                               Reliance/Marshall DP41F
                                                            1309-1333      ABO 309-33B                               Tiger Cub/Willowbrook B43F
                                                        1334-1374      DBO 334-60C/FUH 61-74C/D     Tiger Cub/Park Royal B43F
                                                        1375-1384      HBO 375-84D                              Tiger Cub/Marshall DP41F
                                                      1385-1414      HBO 385-94D/LUH 395-414F     Tiger Cub/Marshall B43F 

Other liveries possible through early changes of ownership include; 

Crosville (ex Western Welsh)
Halifax (ex Hebble)
Jones,Aberbeeg (ex Western Welsh)
South Wales (ex Western Welsh)
Yorkshire Traction (ex County)
Yorkshire Woollen (ex Hebble) 

Vehicles for which accurate representation would require a slight filing down of the destination box; 

Brewers,Caerau                                           TWN 557                                         Reliance/Willowbrook  B45F
H & C, South Petherton                               TYD 122/250G/WYD 306/928H     Reliance/Willowbrook B45F
Hutchison,Overtown                                   BVD 833-6C                                     Reliance/Willowbrook B45F
Ribble                                         628-682    CRN 628-57D/DRN 658-82D           Tiger Cub/Marshall B44F
Simmons, Great Gonerby                           GCT 170E                                        Reliance/Willowbrook B45F
Summerson, West Auckland   L1-2           LPT 337/876C                                  Leopard/Willowbrook B45F 

Vehicles with twin headlights were; 

Isle of Man Road Services       96-98          696-8 HMN                                    Leopard/Willowbrook DP41F
St Helens Corporation              213-214      DDJ 213-4C                                    Reliance/Marshall B45F
Stratford Blue                            62                HAC 628D                                      Leopard/Marshall DP41F 

Vehicles with twin headlights and requiring a filed down dome were; 

Jones, Aberbeeg                        12/14-5        HAX 497D/KWO 205-6E              Tiger Cub/Willowbrook B45F
MacBrayne                                  48                 UGB 697H                                    Reliance/Willowbrook  B45F
Pennine, Gargrave                                         UWU 521F                                    Leopard/Willowbrook DP45F 

In addition to the vehicles above Devon General had a further batch of vehicles which had a slightly shortened and upswept rear overhang;

40-44   HOD 40-44E Reliance/Marshall B41F


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