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Atlantean - Sheffield

In 1973 Sheffield Corporation placed an order for 55 Daimler Fleetlines with ECW dual- door bodywork. They were delivered to SYPTE in 1974/75 but their blue interior finish was recognizably Sheffield.  

The bodies were based on the ECW standard 14 6 high bodywork as fitted to Bristol VRs but with completely new front and rears and the first and last bays. The front had similarities to both Alexander and East Lancs bodywork delivered at the same time. The staircase was in the centre of the bus as was usual with 2 door Bristol VRs. With ECW full height bodies being very uncommon anyway, the non standard front and rears and the bustle of the Fleetline chassis made the finished vehicles were almost unrecognizable as a Lowestoft product.  

Single door buses of similar design but on Leyland Atlantean chassis were subsequently delivered to Colchester Corporation. 

Within weeks of entering service a problem was found with visibility for the driver because of the thick front corner pillars. Tiny windows were provided and later buses of the batch had them fitted before entering service. 

At the end of their careers in South Yorkshire some were acquired by Ribble to cover additional, largely school work, obtained after deregulation. Others were acquired by Cityrama/Limebourne in London and saw service both on London sightseeing work but also on LRT tendered service work, mainly route 196 in South London. 

By the time the vehicles were delivered an additional vehicle had been added to the order to replace an accident victim. The details of the batch of 56; 

781-836    CWE 781-798N/GWA 799-836N       H43/27D


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