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AEC Reliance/Leyland Leopard Burlingham Seagull 70 body

Although continuing a famous name the Burlingham Seagull 70 was a completely new design. First introduced at the 1960 Commercial Motor Show it was produced for the 1961 season only although a few were not registered until 1962 or even 1963. 

Although only about 50 were built reference to photographs is essential as there were many variations in detail. Most featured a normal roof with 3 windows in the front dome. However some ( notably those delivered to East Midland ) had a ‘clerestory’ style roof whilst those delivered to Trent had prominent rubber window surrounds. Some were built with roof quarter lights but the majority were without. 

It is also evident that vehicles were the subject of alterations during their lives probably as a result of difficulties obtaining spare parts as Burlingham had been taken over by Duple. The windows in the front dome seem to have been particularly susceptible to this whilst the distinctive fibre glass mouldings below the front windscreen were also the subject of ‘home made’ repairs in later life.  

Deliveries to BET and SBG companies were; 

Scottish Omnibuses     B1-B11     WSF 201-210/YSF 242     AEC Reliance/C34F
East Midland                 C256-8     256-258 GRR                     Leyland Leopard/C37F    
Wakefields                    250-3       EFT 550-553                      AEC Reliance/C41F
Sunderland Distric    t  320-1       2520-21 PT                        Leyland Tiger Cub/C41F
Trent                                39-42       VCH 239-242                     AEC Reliance/C41F
Yorkshire Traction        1206-11   VHE 206-211                     Leyland Tiger Cub/C41F 

Other deliveries included; 

Baxter,Airdrie         41            141 AVA               AEC Reliance/C41F [later Eastern Scottish B32]
Orange Luxury                                425-426 EYO                    AEC Reliance/C41F
RACS/Duvals               94-6/57      36-8 BXC/251 TPK            AEC Reliance/C41F
BTS, Coventry                                 1553-6 RW                       AEC Reliance/C41F

Eynon , Trimsaron                         XTH 300                      Leyland Leopard/C41F
Wye Valley, Hereford                   XVJ 425/440                     Leyland Tiger Cub/C41F
Taylor, East Morton    11              197 AWT                     Leyland Leopard/C41F
Irvine, Salsburgh                           242/932-3 DVA                AEC Reliance/C41F
Spencer, Manchester                   4777 NE                            Leyland Leopard/C41F
Willow, Liverpool                   135 KD               AEC Reliance/C41F [ later Chiltern Queens]


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