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Bristol LHS Marshall body Devon General/Western National

The Bristol LH chassis range was first introduced in the spring of 1968, and superseded the previous MW and SU series of models.
It was available in 3 variants:  the LHS at 26' (7.9m)  the LH at 30' (9.1m) and the LHL at 36' (11.00m)  The production run covered a 15 year lifespan. (1968 - 1983) and during that time some 1,987 chassis were produced. Of this total 308 were of the short LHS variety, with the vast majority of these being bodied by Bristols long standing associate ECW.

 However, other bodybuilders were also utilised including Marshalls of Cambridge. The first Marshall bodied examples appeared during 1969 with 4 being delivered to the Southern Vectis fleet on the Isle Of Wight. These vehicles were somewhat basic in style in comparison with the contemporary Marshall BET Group output of that era, flat glass being employed throughout with both the front and rear screens being mounted in aluminium frames. The styling appeared to be derived from the type of bodies supplied to East Kent on Bedford VAS Chassis in 1967 and had a definite 'welfare vehicle' look about them.

Further examples were supplied to Devon General (on whose vehicles this kit is based) and Western National during 1972, Gash of Newark also took a pair but these were built to a width of 8'. The final example joined the fleet of Harveys Of Mousehole in 1977 and worked alongside the Western National vehicles on the Penzance / Mousehole  services in the days prior to deregulation.
Of the 308 LHS's produced Marshalls bodied just 19 of them, the largest operator of the type was the Western National group who had 12 of them, it was also the largest 'LH family' overall operator in the UK with just short of 300 eventually entering service with the company, 209 were bought new with the rest being made up of second hand examples.
Bristol LHS Marshall Deliveries as follows:
Southern Vectis   832-5  NDL 768-771G        B35F      1969  (4)
                                        (onto United Auto July 77) 
Devon General  88-93  VOD 88 - 93K            B33F       1972  (6) 
Western National  1250-55  VOD 120-5K    B33F        1972  (6) 
W Gash (Newark)  BR1  NVO 772L                B33F        1974  (2)
                                  BR2  HRB 848N               B33F        1975 
Harvey (Mousehole)      PCV 178R                B33F         1977  (1)
Total built: 19.


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